Wise Agent Media Resources | Logos, Flyers, and Print Media

Use the Print files to print or to create custom image sizes for Web. If you are unable to resize the images to fit your need, contact us and we'll do it for you.

Logos/Brand Guide

Wise Agent Logo Horizontal


Wise Agent Logo Vertical


Wise Agent Logo Wordmark


Wise Agent Logo Watermark


Wise Agent Brand Guide

Brand Guide 2021


Marketing Banners

Marketing Banner Vertical 1/6

1/6 Vertical

Marketing Banner Horizontal 1/6

1/6 Horizontal

Marketing Banner 300x250

300x250 Banner

Marketing Banner 350x250

350x250 Banner

Marketing Banner 468x60

468x60 Banner


2 Sided Flyer

2-Sided PDF

Web Flyer Front

Web Flyer Front

Web Flyer Back

Web Flyer Back

Editable PDF Flyer

Editable PDF Flyer