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All your real estate marketing tools are finally integrated into your CRM! Send branded emails, texts, and newsletters with ease.


Stock Content

Wise Agent provides our members with a library of stock real estate content in every account. From FSBOs to new buyers, we have multi-touch content pieces you can use to create your content.

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Content Library

In Wise Agent, you can create and save the emails, letters, or text messages you send to clients frequently in your Content Library. When it’s time, you can select this content from your library and send it out with just a few clicks, saving you from having to retype it or copy and paste from another platform every time you need it.


One of the easiest ways to get your name and face in front of your contacts on a regular basis is to take advantage of our monthly newsletter. Each newsletter is created for you each month in English, Spanish, and even in a Canadian version. The newsletters can be edited to include listing information, videos, and additional articles. Share your newsletters via email, as a link, or even as a physical mailer.

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Property Flyers

Make eye-catching, professional real estate flyers in the same place where you already spend your time - your CRM! Wise Agent has an extensive library of modern real estate flyer templates. After that, our flyer tool does the work for you, simply select your property, and all of the information is pulled into the flyer. From there, you can edit and perfect the text on your flyer to highlight your listing’s best features.

Post Cards

Send real estate postcards to your database right from your CRM without exporting files to another platform or entering duplicate information. Getting stylish, personalized postcards out to your clients is as easy as a few clicks! Through our direct integration with Xpressdocs, our members have access to a library of professional, industry-proven postcard templates and the option to upload their custom designs.

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AI Writing Assistant

The AI Writing Assistant, powered by GPT-3™, is designed to help you create high-quality marketing content quickly and easily. With the help of advanced artificial intelligence technology, this AI Writing Assistant feature can create written content for real estate professionals from submitted topic ideas and prompts. Whether you need help with ideas for a quick text message or inspiration for getting started on an email drip campaign, this feature has you covered.

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Real Estate Marketing Tools that Set You Apart

Marketing yourself or your real estate business is an important part of succeeding in the real estate industry. That’s why we’ve integrated several essential marketing tools right into our real estate CRM! Organize and market to your leads and clients all in one place.

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