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Wise Agent works for both single agents and teams. If your team is looking for the best CRM for real estate teams, you're in the right place.


Team Features

Wise Agent supports many real estate team styles, from small, close-knit teams to large, multi-tiered team structures. Choose to have all team members in one account, with or without permissions, or work closely with them in separate accounts through our Outside Team solutions.

Streamline sharing between accounts, collaborate on marketing materials, and track the status of automatically distributed leads. All account permissions can be customized for each team member so that you can give as much or as little access to contacts, transaction checklists, notes, and more as you see fit. Rest easy knowing that however your team works, Wise Agent will work for you.

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Wise Agent's Real Estate Team Solutions

Do you work as part of an official real estate team? Or maybe you have an assistant, or a transaction coordinator? Here at Wise Agent, we have always recognized the benefits of working together and have built our program with that in mind.

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