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Your time is your most valuable asset, and your money should go a long way. Our drive in building Wise Agent is to help real estate agents automate their business and convert more leads, so they can actually live the lifestyle they came here for. We’ve developed a plug-and-play system so simple you can start immediately. It’s powerful enough to run your entire business (individually or with a team), with every profit-maximizing feature and automation tool you need, for a price which is unmatched in our industry. On top of that, we back our forward-thinking technology with 24/7 support - which just doesn’t exist anywhere else. Here at Wise Agent, everything is done in-house by real people who really care.

As the real estate landscape constantly evolves, so does Wise Agent. Let us lift the weight off your shoulders and provide you with the most streamlined systems available, and the most effective tools for giving you more time, more money, and more success.

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The Most Recommended CRM in the Industry

We asked a few of the experts why they recommend Wise Agent.
  • Jared James
    Speaker / Coach / Author

    “I recommend Wise Agent to all of my students because I have found that it is not enough to have a CRM that can do everything you need it to do, if you can't figure out how to do it. There are a lot of options out there but if you want something that is user-friendly and affordable... there's only one clear choice... and that's Wise Agent.”

  • Craig Proctor

    “WiseAgent is a wise CRM because it removes the need to spend time, energy, and money using various apps and programs disjointedly without synergy. For example, if you like BombBomb, then new leads can instantly receive an automatic video that is great for connecting. read more...Want to learn more about a client without spending time you do not have to be a social stalker? WiseAgent can automatically sync and retrieve social profiles associated with the existing contact information you have. If you have a hard time keeping up with leads from Zillow,, and the like, then they can be integrated into WiseAgent so you just have one dashboard to view. Like the content you read in Realtor Magazine, Inman News, and other news sources (including by your brokerage or sales coach)? With just a few clicks, you can add that content to your client e-newsletter. Plus, WiseAgent is constantly improving it's CRM, keeping it very relevant and robust. At less than $25 a month, I truly believe WiseAgent is a steal that you should not miss. hide

  • Debbie De Grote
    Real Estate Coach / Consultant

    “I used many contact management systems over the years, Wise Agent by far is one of the most user friendly I have encountered. It's affordable and easy for even non tech saavy to master. I recommend to all of my coaching customers and personally use it to manage the contacts in my coaching business. We love it!”

  • Craig Proctor

    “I have coached thousands of agents over the years and found that many do not have a CRM tool at all or have one they don't use because of the complexity. I recommend Wise Agent to our members as a CRM tool unused is the same as not having one at all. read more...At upcoming conferences, we are planning breakout sessions to train our members on utilizing all the powerful, yet easy to use features of Wise Agent so no prospect gets left behind. hide

  • Michael Hellickson

    “Wise Agent is an extremely affordable yet surprisingly robust and highly integratable CRM. FANTASTIC!!

  • Mark Leader

    “The Wise Agent CRM is second to none. If you want to build stronger relationships, receive more referrals, be more organized, and make more money, in less time, then this technology is a must. I recommend Wise Agent to all of my Leader’s Choice students; when high tech meets high touch it creates extraordinary results.”

  • Gary David Hall
    Crm Consultant

    “I get feedback from agents all over the world every day and WiseAgent's support gets the highest praise out of all the CRMs on the market. I'm affiliated with over 40 of them and it's one of my top favorites.”

  • Richie Laser
    CEO Follow Up Results

    “WiseAgent's new Lead Automation is why we refer them to everyone. They make it simple to import and distribute leads immediately, email or text them automatically, and convert sales better than anything I've seen. Since we create Email Marketing Touch Programs for top agents and teams nationally, we've come to know WiseAgent as a leader in real estate automation tools.”


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Click “Contact Us” under the “Help” menu day or night, and our goal is to get back to you in 10 minutes or less. How are we able to provide the outstanding service that makes our members rave? First, we do not out-source our support. We have staffed our Fountain Hills, Arizona office with the best customer service agents you will find anywhere. They work in the office during normal business hours. Outside of that, our support team rotates being "on call" over night, on weekends, and on holidays. Anytime you hit that Contact Us button, the on call staff member is alerted with your question. Please keep in mind that some requests will only be processed when we are in the office (i.e. imports, image resizing, etc.) so please plan accordingly.

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